16 December 2009


Mom : Assalamualaikum my dear. How are you today?

Baby : Waalaikumussalam my dear mom. I'm feeling good today mom. Butthere are something growing out from my body!!! (his arms & legs)what are these mom? I don't like it. It keeps getting in my way. I can't move as freely as I used to be before!

Mom : Owh that are your hands and your legs my darling. Alhamdulillah, you are growing as you should.

Baby : Can you make it go away mom? I don't need these hands and legs. They are of no use to me now.

Mom : You must not say that! Be grateful dear. You will need them when you are born. You will need it to walk on this earth. To be Allah's servant. You will be in such a great loss if you don't have them in the future.

End of conversation...The baby doesn't know the difficulties that he is going to face on the earth if he doesn't have any hands or legs. Because he never used it in the womb. For him, his world is his mom's womb.Can you see how similar we are and the baby?
We have never ever encounter the life after death. We only know the world as the earth that we are living now. Just like an innocence baby.
Our amal ma'ruf as our arms and legs in akhirah. We can live without them in this world right? But what about in akhirah? Can we leave without them? And we have been given so many reminders and guidances from Allah through His messenger and The Book, Quran. Who else can we trust if not our GOD, Allah? Think bout it ^_^

two angels assigned to record our deeds,
whilst some take care of our needs
like bringing us sunshine and also the rain
like protecting us from harm and also from pain
there is another creation-it is called man
they lived on earth for very short span
after time expired they shall return
and through their deeds paradise are earned
on the last day souls will be raised
and we will face ALLAH-the most praised
standing before ALLAH,what face we will show?
When the truth of our actions will freely flow…..

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